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ft_ps1.txt  A Windows PowerShell syntax plugin for Vim

Author:  Peter Provost <https://www.github.com/PProvost>
License: Apache 2.0
URL:     https://github.com/PProvost/vim-ps1

INTRODUCTION                                                    ps1-syntax

This plugin provides Vim syntax, indent and filetype detection for Windows
PowerShell scripts, modules, and XML configuration files.

ABOUT                                                           ps1-about

Grab the latest version or report a bug on GitHub:


FOLDING                                                         ps1-folding

The ps1 syntax file provides syntax folding (see :syn-fold) for script blocks
and digital signatures in scripts.

When 'foldmethod' is set to "syntax" then function script blocks will be
folded unless you use the following in your .vimrc or before opening a script: 

    :let g:ps1_nofold_blocks = 1

Digital signatures in scripts will also be folded unless you use: 

    :let g:ps1_nofold_sig = 1

Note: syntax folding might slow down syntax highlighting significantly,
especially for large files.

COMPILER                                                        ps1-compiler

The powershell :compiler script configures :make to execute the script in

It tries to pick a smart default PowerShell command: pwsh if available and
powershell otherwise, but you can customize the command: 

    :let g:ps1_makeprg_cmd = '/path/to/pwsh'

To configure whether to show the exception type information: 

    :let g:ps1_efm_show_error_categories = 1

KEYWORD LOOKUP                                                 ps1-keyword

To look up keywords using PowerShell's Get-Help, press the K key. For more
convenient paging, the pager less should be installed, which is included in
many Linux distributions and in macOS.

Many other distributions are available for Windows like
https://chocolatey.org/packages/less/. Make sure less is in a directory
listed in the PATH environment variable, which chocolatey above does.


Quick links: help overview · quick reference · user manual toc · reference manual toc